Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tabby McTat

Staff Review by Chris Saliba

What is the story about?

Tabby McTat works as a busker's cat. He is renowned for his miaow that is loud and strong. His colleague is Old Fred, who collects money in his checked hat. One day while taking a break and eating a sandwich, Old Fred is robbed. In pursuit of the thief, Old Fred falls and ends up in hospital.

Meanwhile, Tabby McTat has taken a walk and meets a beautiful green eyed cat named Sock. She is black and has one white 'sock'. The two have a 'cat-to-cat chat'. Having made this new friend, McTat decides he better get back to the square where he performs with Old Fred, but Old Fred is nowhere to be found. Distressed, McTat wonders what to do. Then Sock suggests he move in with her owners, Prunella and Pat.

All now goes well for McTat. His new 'wife', Sock, gives birth to three lovely kittens, Soames, Susan and Samuel Sprat, who looks just like his father. Not only does Samuel Sprat look like his father, but he also loves to sing, but some think his purr is too loud and his miaow 'deafening'. This causes a problem when Soames and Susan find new homes, but no one will take in Samuel Sprat.

Eventually McTat longs to meet up again with Old Fred the busker. After much searching they find each other. McTat starts singing again, but soon realises that he can't keep on with his old life: he ha a wife and a new home. Surprisingly, Samuel Sprat comes to the rescue. He starts singing in his cheerful way and Old Fred takes him on as his new busker's cat.

Who wrote and illustrated the story?

The story is written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. They also created the Gruffalo series of picture books.

Why I liked this book

Alex Scheffler's pictures are full of spunk and energy, while Julia Donaldson's story is made sweet  with her musical rhymes and clever plot inventions. This is a cheerful book with plenty of cute cat and kitten drawings.

Tabby McTat, by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Published by Scholastic UK. ISBN: 9781407109275  RRP: $15.99